The Card Project

The Card Project provides an opportunity to showcase and sell artists' creations while providing a safe and supportive environment to be expressive.

Women who participate create handmade greeting cards and receive $2.25 for each of their cards that is sold. Cards are sold at The Gathering Place for $3*, and are also carried at several retail outlets around Denver.

The importance of The Card Project to the artists cannot be overstated: one in eight is currently homeless. The financial benefits are underscored by more intangible benefits such as increased self-esteem, the opportunity to be part of a caring community, and the chance to engage in creative self-expression.

Businesses and families often place orders for their holiday greeting cards, and thousands of cards are sold at arts and craft fairs each year. Special orders also may be placed for wedding invitations, birth announcements, or for cards for other occasions.

To learn more or to inquire about purchasing cards, please email Steve Hartbauer or call 303-996-9068. Click here to view a donation wish list for the program.


*Effective October 1, 2016, we raised the cost of our Art Program greeting cards from $2 to $3 due to increases in materials, card stock, and to keep up with inflation.  While we continue to run the program on a tight budget, this slight increase will benefit both the artists and The Gathering Place. Thank you for your support.


Interested in large orders of personalized and co-branded greeting cards featuring original art by our artists? Visit Art Restart, a social enterprise of The Gathering Place. Orders start at fifty cards and can be shipped nationwide. 

The Card Project