Donor Spotlight

Generous donors make the work of The Gathering Place possible. Without your support, we would not be able to offer any of our transformational programs and services. It truly is not an exaggeration when we say we could not do it without you!

Sister companies The Import Warehouse and The Import Mechanics have a unique approach to supporting the community - they give back to the community each time they sell a car or perform an oil change.  Customers choose from a list of charity partners and the Warehouse or Mechanics make a donation to that charity.  The Gathering Place has been one of their charity partners for nearly ten years and the checks have added up to major support.  As they say on their website:  "Now taking care of your car takes care of your community!"

“When I first moved to Denver, I looked up organizations that support abused and unsupported women, especially those with children and found your organization. It is close to where I live, so a few years ago I stopped by with some gift cards. I was affirmed in my choice to support The Gathering Place. I do not give a lot of money, but I believe every dollar counts, many-fold more when it supports women.”

     - Anonymous, 2016 Colorado Gives Day Donor

"Supporting women and those experiencing poverty or homelessness were key areas of interest for me. I have a family member who suffers from mental illness, and I have seen firsthand the impact their disease has had on their ability to navigate what is already a difficult world. I immediately saw how compassionate The Gathering Place is. That type of community is just too rare these days-- and I immediately knew that I would do what I could to help!"

     - Sandra Storey, donor and TGP Board of Directors member

Donor Spotlight